Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Election Law: More Praise for EAC Commissioner Martinez

Add my praise to that from Hasen, Alvarez, and Tokaji

Election Law: More Praise for EAC Commissioner Martinez

Election administration is hard and thankless work, and Ray Martinez has done a great service bringing the EAC into the forefront of election reform. I hope the Commission finds a suitable replacement.


Blogger Michael said...

I was looking at your blog with some interest and had a question that you might have an opinion on with regards to voting and elections. I am curious if you or anyone you know advocate the enlargement of Legislative bodies. To be specific, I live in California, we have a lower legislative chamber (The California Assembly) of 80 members and when apportioned amongst the 38 Million people in California, each representative has 480,000 Constituents. The second worst state in Terms of lower legislative representation goes to Texas where each of their lower chamber has 150,000 people.

I actually believe that Governing bodies at all levels need to be increased, but I am interested in your thoughts on the matter. Few if any people seem to even consider this as a solution. Some do, but most people have not even thought about it. I'm curious what you think.


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