Monday, April 03, 2006

Continued pressure on LA voting rights

It's nice to see Mike Alvarez , among others, keep the spotlight on absentee voting efforts for the upcoming elections in Louisiana.

It's a pretty sad situation when you can be polled by the NY Times (March 22, 2006 Story: Evacuees' Lives Still Upended Seven Months After Hurricane), using Red Cross records of who received assistance; or you can receive ongoing relief checks from FEMA, but you can't be contacted regarding your fundamental constitutional right to vote.

Perhaps this is something that was not anticipated by Congress? Perhaps FEMA, the FEC, and the EAC need to talk to one another (they are, after all, located just a few blocks apart)?

I guess, in the new age of security / terrorism / internet / electronic records, voting rights are low on the totem pole.


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