Monday, March 13, 2006

More on the Illinois Early Voting controversy

  • The Chicago Tribune reports on the Claypool suit.
  • More suburban precincts are opening on weekends, clearly in response to the suit filed by Forest Claypool. (as reported in the Barrington Courier.
    The number of early voters remains very low, though, as few as two or three daily. This won't be a cost-saver if the numbers remain that low.
  • A judge in Cook County agreed that the number of early voting sites in lakefront areas was low enough to be a "glaring" discrepancy, but does not rise to the level of a constitutional voting rights violation.

  • Counting the ballots ... BEFORE voting ... takes time in Norridge Village, and ends up delaying the start of early voting. Perhaps the state can pre-count the ballots before the pack them up?


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