Thursday, February 02, 2006

Dan Lipinski: true absentee?

This one is just too good to pass up.

First term Democratic congressman Dan Lipinski
(IL-3), is facing a primary challenge in Illinois. I suspect in an attempt to brand Dan with the carpetbagger label, his opponent is charging that Lipinski should have been allowed to vote absentee for many years.

Dan received his PhD at Duke University, where I taught for nine years, so I've known Dan for more than a decade. And I grew up in Chicago, though not on the South Side like Dan. Go Cubs!

Anyone whose met Dan for more than five minutes, this guy is Chicago through and through. Those years in grad school in North Carolina, and the short time that he spent in Tennessee, I can tell you that Dan's heart and his head was always in the Windy City.

The main traction on the story is Dan's inability to remember which elections he voted in. Got to blame some bad staff work for that one, but I'm sure he'll have the right answer soon.

The Sun times story is here


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