Sunday, April 24, 2005

Early Voting News: Week of April 24th, 2005

The Kansas City Star reports that election reform proposals by the Republican Governor, Matt Blunt, and Democratic Secretary of State, Robin Carnahan, are unlikely to pass. County election officials have opposed the reforms, especially no-excuse absentee balloting, fearing a "deluge" of applications and new paperwork. [Ed. Note: This is interesting, since most local election officials welcome no-excuse absentee ballots, since it stretches the election administration task over a longer period of time; reduces the need to hire short term help on election day; and according to CalTech/MIT Voting Technology Group, results in a more accurate count.]
Early voting plans unlikely to pass this year

House Bill 1706, backed by Mary Denny, the chairman of the elections committee, would require early voters to bring their ID and voter registration to vote. This is being touted as a way to address problems with voter fraud.

The Korean national elections in 2008 will include electronic and paper balloting, with early voting being conducted at "mobile electronic balloting stations." No report yet as to how many stations are being contemplated.
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