Monday, March 21, 2005

Early Voting News: Week of March 21st, 2005


A bill allowing early voting, along with other voting reforms, is moving through the state legislature, according to the Denver Post.

Florida is also apparently considering 'super precincts' for voting, as is Tennessee. The same arguments are being used in the state: election administration will be cheaper and more accurate. The Florida Today argues that such precincts will bias the election against older, infirm, and rural voters.

The editor of the Atlanta Constitution argues that extended absentee balloting, proposed for up to 45 days in current legislation, only rewards "lazy voters" and encourages fraud.

The Massachusetts League of Women Voters is urging no-excuse absentee voting in that state. They argue it will increase turnout (Ed: contrary to the scholarly research showing that it has little impact on turnout.),1413,101~6283~2779217,00.html
Acccording to a story in the Providence, RI paper, a bill has already been proposed in the legislature:

The state legislature is considering a bill that will allow the creation of "vote centers" instead of traditional polling places, with early voting starting 20 days (rather than the previous 15). The bill allows counties to dramatically reduce the number of polling places available to citizens. Some rural legislators and county officials oppose the move.,1406,KNS_347_3637691,00.html


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